Vitamin B12 Shots

SAM, VITAMIN b12 INJECTIONS, HERTFORD HAIR SALON, HERTFORDAre you feeling down with low energy?  Struggling to sleep?  Feeling a little anxious? You may have low levels of Vitamin B12 which is known to decrease mood and can even lead to symptoms of depression.

This vitamin plays a vital role in synthesising and metabolising serotin, a chemical responsible for regulating mood.  At Hertford Hair Salon we work with highly experienced cosmetic specialist Sam Lavery who administers Vitamin B12 injections from our salon every Friday from 9.30am - 12.30pm.  Sam trained with renowned Doctor of Aesthetics Dr Farshid and has more than 15 years' experience in the beauty industry. 

VitB12 shots are a great way to boost your mood and memory, helping to improve fatigue, depression, anxiety and energy levels. They are also a wonderful way to improve the tone and complexion of the skin and can even help with hair loss and holding back those grey hairs! 

Your hair, skin and nails will all benefit from regular Vitamin B12 boosts so why not book your VitB12 shot at Hertford Hair today by calling Sam on 07880 706646 or emailing