A Hair Colour Guide For Beginners

Booking A Hair Colour Appointment At Our Hertfordshire Salon? All Your Questions Answered...

blonde hair colour in HertfordNew to hair colour? It can feel rather confusing and a bit daunting when booking your hair appointment. What should you ask for? What do all the different terms on the service list mean? In this article we’ve got answers to all the questions you wanted to ask, so you’re all set for an enjoyable visit.

As a specialist hair colour salon in the Hertford area we know that the right hair colour can take you from drab to fab, so why not let our experts work their magic on your locks? 

Please Note: If you are new to hair colour or haven't visited us within the last 6 months, we will need to perform a quick allergy skin test 48 hours before your colour appointment.

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A Patch Test Is Essential Before Your First Hair Colour Appointment

Hertford Hair is a colour responsible salon and we request you pop in for a quick patch test at least 48 hours prior to your first colour appointment. This is to test for any allergies to the hair colour ranges that we use. There’s no need to book an appointment as the test is very quick, but we cannot colour your hair without a record of a skin test. We just need to dab a small amount of colour behind your ear, if you have had no reaction within 48 hours, then we can go ahead with your hair colour.

How Can I Explain To My Hair Stylist What Style I Want?

balayage hair colour at hertford hair salon hertfordYour hair appointment will always begin with a thorough consultation between you and your stylist. We pride ourselves on asking the right questions and really listening to your requirements. We will use our expert skills and knowledge to come up with a colour and technique that will work perfectly for you. As well as assessing your hair type, we’ll think about your lifestyle, how much time you have to maintain your colour, your skin tone, budget, and more.

Remember you can always visit our Instagram page to see examples of the fabulous colour work we produce. 

Which Hair Colour Will Suit Me?

As a first step, we recommend you book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation with one of our colour specialists in Hertford. Bring along pictures of hair colours you love and those you don't! This will help us to build a clear picture of the look you desire. No matter if you fancy trying an exciting new hair colour, want to transform your hair with sun kissed highlights a pretty pastel tone or simply want to hide grey or boost tone, our team of skilled technicians will advise on the most suitable service for you. They will also provide aftercare to ensure your hair stays glossy, healthy and strong. 

Should I Choose Temporary Or Permanent Hair Colour?

bob hair cut at hertford hairdressers hertfordshireTemporary Hair Colour – A temporary hair dye washes out over a few shampoos, so this could be a good option if you are new to hair colour and aren’t sure if it’s for you. Remember, though, that you can only go darker than your natural colour with temporary hair colour, so if you want to lighten your hair, you will need to use a semi-permanent or permanent dye.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour – You can achieve longer-lasting hair colour with a semi-permanent product. This is a great solution if you want to subtly boost your natural hair colour or cover your first grey hairs.

Permanent Hair Colour – Permanent hair dye works by lifting the cuticles along the hair shaft and depositing the colour inside each hair strand. Your colour will not wash out and will be permanent. As your hair grows, your roots will need re-touching, usually every eight weeks or so.

Natural Looking Hair Colour

If you would prefer to go for a more natural-looking hair colour, consider highlights, lowlights or balayage. These techniques are an effective way to add multiple tones and instant brightness & dimension to your hair. If you have unwanted grey hairs then opt for a root retouch or colourless gloss which can disguise and blend white hair

If you have experimented with a home dye or had a balayage hair colour disaster that can help with that too! We are also experts at fixing hair colour problems, read more about the professional hair colour correction services available in our Hertford hair salon.

Who Are The Hair Colour Experts Near Me?

If you feel inspired and would like a hair colour makeover, please call us on 01992 677 191