Hair Smoothing

Professional Hair Smoothing At Hertford Hair Salon In Hertford

Are you fed up of long styling times, dry and frizzy hair? Do you long for silky smooth, shiny locks? Then it's time to speak to our specialists about professional hair smoothing at Hertford Hair Salon in Hertford. 

We offer two great hair smoothing and straightening services which will give you long-lasting smooth hair. Nanokeratin Hair Smoothing results usually last for up to 12 weeks, while Kebelo Hair Smoothing tend to last for up to 14 weeks. 

Please book in for a consultation so we can assess your hair and recommend the best hair smoothing treatment for your hair type and condition. Call the salon on 01992 677 191.

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Hair Smoothing, Hertford Hairdressers, Hertford, HertfordshireNanokeratin Hair Smoothing

Often referred to as the ‘Brazillian blow-dry’, this revolutionary hair smoothing therapy eliminates up to 95% of curls and frizz, instantly adding sensational shine, silkiness and condition.

Following this treatment, your hair will be smoother, more manageable and easier to style than it ever has been before.

Nanokeratin hair smoothing is suitable for all hair types, even chemically processed and colour treated hair.

The Nanokeratin Hair Smoothing System works with your hair’s texture so the results will depend on your hair type and condition, with results lasting up to 12 weeks. 


hair smoothing, HERTFORD HAIRDRESSERS, HERTFORD, HERTSKebelo Hair Smoothing

Wave goodbye to bad hair days with the amazing Kebelo Hair Smoothing System from Hertford Hair Salon in Hertford.

This revolutionary hair smoothing treatment can give you glossy, manageable and frizz-free hair that lasts for up to 100 days!

This 90-minute treatment will strengthen and revitalise each strand from within, transforming weak and unhealthy hair to beautiful smooth locks filled with bounce and volume.

Kebelo Smoothing is suitable for all hair types, including chemically treated hair, and you can even have your hair coloured as soon as your treatment is finished. 

How Much Will My Hair Smoothing Treatment Cost?

Prices for the Nanokeratin and Kebelo hair smoothing treatments will reflect the length and thickness of your hair type. Please book in for a complimentary consultation with our hair smoothing specialists in Hertford who can determine which system would work best for you, explain the process, results, and give you a quote. Call us on 01992 677 191 to book your consultation.