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The right hair colour can completely change your look, your mood and make you feel sensational, so why not let the Redken hair colour experts at Hertford Hair Salon in Hertford create the perfect hair colour for you?

Our team are highly trained in the latest hair colouring techniques and can offer a wide range of colour services including balayage and ombré, full colour, men's hair colour and highlights & lowlights. As we use the Redken hair colour range, we can also offer no ammonia hair colour options - ideal if you are sensitive to hair colour. 

Please Note: If you are new to hair colour or haven't visited us within the last 6 months, we will need to perform a quick allergy skin test 48 hours before your colour appointment.

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Balayage & Ombré Hair Colour 

Our hair colour experts are highly trained in the latest hair colour trends and can create completely bespoke balayage and ombré looks. 

Balayage is one of the most popular hair colour trends offering hand-painted highlights throughout your hair.  Very often the hair grows lighter at the ends and blends multiple shades for a natural-looking hair colour effect.

Ombré is a more bold hair colour technique where there is a contrast between dark roots and lighter ends. If the classic ombré contrast is too bold for you, you could try a soft ombré (also known as sombré), where the contrasting hair colours are seamlessly blended.

Highlights & Lowlights 

If you're looking for a soft, subtle addition to your hair colour, ask your Hertford Hair Salon expert about highlights and lowlights.

Highlights or lowlights can add interest to your natural hair colour with the addition of multiple tones and shade to either brighten or darken your hair colour.

We can offer a multitude of colour choices from sun-kissed blondes, to chocolatey brunettes and can even add fashion hair colours including vibrant pinks or pastel hair shades. 

Blonde highlights are one of the most asked-for hair colour looks in our Hertfordshire hairdressers and we can achieve the most beautiful results with this colour technique.

Covering Grey Hair

As time passes our hair begins to lose its lustre and colour and grey hairs may appear. Unwanted grey hair can be completely covered or we can provide a more subtle coverage that leaves some grey hair showing so you do not get an obvious regrowth line.

Colour Melt Hair

Colour melt hair has become an umbrella term for a range of colouring techniques including balayage, babylights, root melt, root stretch and free-hand colour, and colour smudge.

This popular colouring technique is where varying shades of colour are overlapped to create a seamless, natural looking blend that looks as though the varying colours have ‘melted’ into one another.

We can achieve this look using natural tones as well as with creative fashion shades. Choose from a cool ash blonde colour melt, rich brunette colour melt or a striking red colour melt for an on-trend look.

Money Piece Colour

This statement hair colouring technique lets you have fun with your look! Bold strips of contrasting hair colour is added around the face to create a striking colour contrast against your base shade. (Think Gerri Halliwell in the 90's). 

Money piece colour is also known as face frame highlights and looks great teamed with a sun kissed balayage. for a dramatic hair transformation why not choose a bright fashion hair colour such as blue or red and couple it with a darker shade to achieve a dramatic result? 

Hair Colour Correction

Whether you've had a hair colour incident with a box dye at home, or a hair colour disaster at another hair salon, we are here to help!

Our staff are expertly trained and correct hair colour problems on a daily basis.  We have seen it all from brassy yellow-toned hair and green tinges to uneven highlights and shades that have turned out completely different to the colour on the side of the box dye!

Book in for a colour consultation where we can assess the colour and condition of your hair and create a plan to restore your hair to a beautiful colour once more. 

Redken PH Bonder - Hair Colour Protection 

Gone are the days when women had to choose between blonde hair and healthy hair! 

Redken pH bonder is a revolutionary hair treatment designed to protect your hair from the hair lightening process. The PH Bonder prevents breakage and smooths hair during the lightening process leaving you with soft, strong and super shiny hair.  

For added colour lifting and protection, ask your Hertford Hair colour expert about the Redken Flash Lift with Bonder. This new lightening formula can give you up to eight levels of lift, with the added bonding technology built in.

The Flash Lift Bonder formula can improve elasticity whilst giving your hair touchable smoothness and visible shine. This bonder can be used on all hair types and even chemically treated or damaged hair. 

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