Fabulous Post Lockdown Makeovers!

The Latest Hair Transformations Following the Lockdown at Top Hair Salon in Hertford

It's been wonderful to open the doors to the salon once more following a long lockdown and our team have been busy refreshing our client's hair colour and styles! If you're looking to update your look after the lockdown, book in for a consultation with the experts at Hertford Hair Salon in Hertford by calling 01992 677191.

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Fresh Highlights at Hertford Hair Salon

After a dreary start to the year, the sun is now finally peeking it's way through the clouds. The weather isn't the only thing that is brightening up though,  in our salon we've been refreshing our clients highlights in time for the summer. Highlights are a fabulous way to add interest to your hair colour, flatter your complexion and even lift your mood!

Check out this amazing transformation using highlights!


Beautiful Balayage Hair Colours

One thing that our clients LOVE about balayage hair colour is that it is a low maintenance colour service, which has made it perfect for seeing us through those pesky lockdowns!

The root regrowth with balayage is less noticeable than with traditional highlights and you can even use balayage with fashion hair colours including pastel shades. If your balayage is in need of a refresh after the lockdown, call our Redken hair colour experts on 01992 677191.


Stunning Restyles at Hertford Hair Salon

Are you feeling a little flat following the months of lockdown? A visit to our hair salon for a change in your hairstyle can be just the thing to perk you up!

After all, Coco Chanel did say that "a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life"! 

If you're looking for hair restyle advice, book a consultation with a Hertford Hair Salon specialist who will assess your hair, face shape and lifestyle and help you to find the perfect hairstyle to suit you. 


Cover Grey Roots With Redken Hair Colour Experts

Whilst it hasn't been nice for many clients who have dealt with dark roots during the lockdown, we know that for many ladies it is grey hair growing in that can cause discomfort.

Visit our hair colour specialists who will be able to blend away grey hairs or, if you're feeling freed by your emerging strands of glitter, we can create a fabulous, fashionable grey hair colour customised for your needs.

Book Your Post Lockdown Hair Appointment at The Top Salon in Hertford

If you are looking for a new hairstyle or hair colour after the lockdown but you’re not sure which direction to take, please book in for a consultation with one of our experienced Hertford Hair Salon stylists. You can book your appointment or hair colour consultation by calling us on 01992 677 191.