Achieve Frizz Free Summer Hair

The Best Hair Smoothing Treatments At Hertford Hair Salon In Hertford

Do you long to beat the frizz this summer? Would you love to have hair that is not affected by humid air?

Transform your locks this summer with a keratin hair smoothing and straightening treatment at Hertford hair salon in Hertford. Our expert stylists can eliminate frizz, repair damage, strengthen, and soften your hair so it remains shiny and healthy for months! 

Our one-to-one consultation process gives the opportunity for you to ask us questions and allows your stylist to access the condition of your hair and hair texture before suggesting the most suitable treatment for you. 

Summer-proof your hair by contacting us today to book a hair smoothing consultation in Hertford. Call us on 01992 677 191

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Smoother Hair For Up To 3 Months

Often referred to as the ‘Brazillian blow-dry’, or 'Long-Lasting Blow Dry', our hair smoothing treatments let you wave goodbye to bad hair days and control the volume in your hair with results lasting up to 12 weeks. Styling and drying time will be reduced, and hair can be left to air dry smooth - perfect for those lazy summer days. You will still be able to effortlessly add natural waves and soft curls with curling irons or give yourself a big, bouncy blow-dry, the only difference is your hair will be tamed and more manageable making styling less like hard work!

How Does a Hair Smoothing Treatment Work?

A hair smoothing treatment targets minuscule particles of keratin and traps them within the hair shaft, in turn making the cuticles of your hair lie flatter. As well as making your hair smooth and straight, it helps to close the cuticle on damaged hair strands which will make your hair colour look more vibrant. Hair smoothing doesn’t alter the hair structure, so it causes no damage to your hair, just adding elasticity, strength, and shine.

Keratin Treatment – After Care Advice

It is very important that the hair is left in its natural state for three days after your treatment.

  • Do not tie your hair or use any hair accessories.
  • Do not get your hair wet until after the advised three-day period when you can wash it with the after-care products.
  • Use ONLY the shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist.

Curly Hair Experts

If you have curly hair or textured hair and are struggling to find a hairdresser who understands how to cut it, come and see our team of highly experienced hairstylists. We will talk you through the best hair products for curly hair, daily maintenance and give some top tips for getting the best out of your curls. 

We know that two days are never the same with curls! Bring along any pictures of when you have loved how your curly hair looked and also pictures of the times your curls, waves & kinks have not behaved themselves!

Book Your Hair Smoothing Blow-Dry at Hertford Hair Salon in Hertfordshire

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